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Gabrielle Urbani

Dog Trainer

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Gabrielle Urbani


My goals for you:
• Strengthening your relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement
• To build a communication with your dog
• To understand your dog’s body language
• To see how training can positively impact and be immersed into your daily life
• Having fun through training with games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer private training?

Yes, private classes and training are available upon request. We currently serve West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, and Oregon City. Please reach out and tell us more about your challenges and your concerns. Improvement is closer than you may think.

What kind of training do you offer?

I prefer to teach and utilize positive training techniques that provide confidence in yourself and your pooch. We provide the tools to help you practice with your pooch even outside of class.

Will I have fun with my dog during training?

Yes, whether there is one person or the entire family, training is meant to be fun learning! We will giggle and celebrate often!

Your pooch will have fun, think hard, problem solve, grow their confidence, develop skills, develop relationships, and probably take a good nap or rest after each lesson.

You will learn to communicate with your pooch, have fun with training games, develop your relationship with your pooch, be excited about what you’re learning and how to apply it to set you and your pooch up for success.

Do you offer Group Classes?

Yes, group classes are available in a variety of locations including West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, and Oregon City areas. Many of our group classes address common requests like Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, and training for newly rescued shelter dogs.

Is your training personalized?

Within 48 hours (usually sooner) you will receive an email recap of each week’s training lesson customized for your and your pooch. Included in each recap are specific techniques and nuances for each behavior that we worked on as well as attached PDF’s with step by step instructions for you to use as a guide during your training sessions during the week.

What sets you apart from other dog trainers?

I believe it is important to feel supported when taking on new endeavors, training your dog is no different. It is understandable that you most likely have not studied canine behavior and will have lots of questions. I have studied canine behavior and am here to answer all of your questions. One of my goals at the end of each session is to leave you feeling that you have the tools to be successful with your pooch during the week. I expect emails and/or texts during the week. Questions and requests for clarification are always encouraged. Use me as your resource.