subUrban Pooch focuses on helping you build a stronger relationship with your dog through positive training.


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Gabrielle will:

  • Describe what we are working on and how this will positively impact the life
    of you and your pooch
  • Demonstrate what we are working on with your pooch
  • Set you and your pooch up for success by coaching you through mechanical
    hiccups (which are normal!) so that you feel good about practicing with your
    pooch during the week


  • Within 48 hours (usually much sooner) you will receive an email recap of that
    week’s lesson
  • Included in the email recap are specific techniques and nuances for each
    behavior that we worked on as well as attached PDF’s with step by step
    instructions for you to use as a guide during your training sessions during the


  • Whether there is one person or the entire family, training is meant to be fun
    learning! We will giggle and celebrate often!
  • Your pooch will: have fun, think hard, problem solve, grow their confidence,
    develop skills, develop relationships, and probably take a good nap or rest
    after each lesson
  • You will: learn to communicate with your pooch, have fun with training
    games, develop your relationship with your pooch, be excited about what
    you’re learning and how to apply it to set you and your pooch up for success


  • I understand that you most likely haven’t studied canine behavior and will have
    lots of questions. I have studied canine behavior and am here to answer all of
    your questions
  • One of my goals at the end of each session is to leave you feeling that you have
    the tools to be successful with your pooch during the week
  • I expect emails and/or texts during the week – questions and clarification are
    always encouraged. Use me as a resource

Reach out. We don’t bite.

Dog Training Options for You and Your Furry Companion

Puppy Training in East Portland

Puppy Training

Start things off right with the basics.  Having a well behaved furry friend is vital to a successful and fullfilling relationship. 

Shelter and Rescue Dog Training

Shelter and Rescue Dog Training

Not sure where to start or how to help the newest addition to your family. We can help with positive training techniques and support.

Dog Training in East Portland with Kids

Need Advice?

Thinking of adopting a pooch and want advice on what breeds to consider? We can help. Need advice for maintaining a happy home with kids and a pooch? We can help.

Reach out. We don’t bite.

What Others Are Saying About subUrban Pooch

I can not recommend Gabrielle enough! She really knows her stuff and truly loves dogs. She taught me so much and helped me communicate with my pup. Dasha and I came away from training happier, safer and working as a team. And it’s so wonderful having Gabby come to your home and work with you where your pup is most comfortable. Just be sure to always keep an extra poop bag on hand 😜

Kate Kepsel

Gabby is a great trainer! She understands how dogs think, and gives clear instruction to the humans, too, with follow up, PDF overviews and emails specific to your doggo.

Michele Thornton

I could not recommend Gabi more! Gabi is knowledgeable, professional, kind, hilarious, and so very reliable. She makes herself available as needed and works with her clients to ensure everyone’s needs are being met. Training is an exhausting and often times daunting task.. with Gabi, it is less scary and more manageable. Thank you SubUrban Pooch!

Laura Pyeatt

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